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Solution for injections 0.4 mg/ml

INN: Naloxone

Registration number: LP-000266

Pharmacotherapeutic group: opioid receptor antagonist

Indications for use:

Overdose of narcotic analgesics. Post-operatively the medication is used only if during anaesthesia narcotic analgesics are used. Naloxone is not effective in treating respiratory depression caused by substances other than opioids. Restoration of respiration in newborns after injecting a parturient with narcotic analgesics. As a diagnostic means in patients with suspected substance dependence.


Solution for injections 0.4 mg/ml in 1-ml ampules.

5 ampules in blister packaging made from PVC film and aluminium foil or without foil.

1 or 2 blister packs (with or without foil) with instructions for use of the medication in carton packaging.

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